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The park is located near the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge and the Tulelake Bird Refuge on the Pacific Flyway, one of only four migratory bird flyways in North America.  Millions of birds make their annual migration south and return north along this flyway.  Many birds stay in the area year-round. Here at Eagle's Nest RV Park we have dozens of different breeds to observe and photograph.


Hike from your camp site out our south fence line up Timber Mountain to the Timber Mountain Fire Lookout, 3 mile round trip. We have developed a few hiking trails on our 36 acre property. Also there are over 72 square miles of hiking terrain with miles of trails to hike within the boundaries of the nearby Lava Beds National Monument


Enjoy mountain biking the way it should be with hundreds of miles of remote side roads to be discovered...or, just take a leisurely ride through the Monument. The Monument Vistors Center is 15 miles from here with 12 miles of flat roadway, then 3 miles or so of gentle hills. There is very little vehicle traffic on this road (FS 10)


There are over 300 known developed caves to explore at the Lava Beds National Monument.  Eagles Nest RV Park is just 15 miles from the visitor center. Also visit "Craig's Cave", a short 3 mile bike ride or walk from Eagle's Nest RV Park.


Medicine Lake (a crater lake) is just 23 miles from the park and provides anglers an opportunity to hook large trout.  Also, there are many other lakes and reservoirs within a 30-mile radius of the park. Our guests have been know to catch dinner!


The last Indian War was fought here at Captain Jack's stronghold.  You can prowl the fortifications where 52 Modoc Indian Warriors held off the United States Calvary for nearly 5 months before they were finally captured in 1873.

Or, visit the World War II Japanese Interment Center Memorial in nearby Newell where Japanese Americans were forced to stay during the war.

Scenic Drives        

See the herd of 300-500 wild horses in the Devils Garden or visit the Mercantile in Davis Creek (Modoc Travel Loop 4).

Or, visit "a land of rocks that float and mountains of glass" in one of the most unique geological regions in North America (Modoc Travel Loop 6)...and more...


The area is renowned for hunting Pronghorn Antelope and Mule Deer.

Night Sky Observing

Bring your telescope our night sky is spectacular. During some summer months we have the opportunity to view the ISS in the early evening, remember to wave!

Burning Man

Located kind of between the American Northwest and Gerlach, NV .









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